Vincentians ‘star’ in popular French TV show

Several notable Vincentians have played leading roles in season 14, episode 24 of the popular French TV show, Echappees Belles. Vincentians, Denise Stephens, and Cleo Huggins played leading roles in the one and a half hour show aired on France 5 on February 22, 2020 and which featured St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Echappées BellesContinue reading “Vincentians ‘star’ in popular French TV show”

A new drink to match our hashtag

All of our social media followers will notice that we use the #IslandFreedom hashtag with all of our postings. Well things have just gotten a little more interesting: there is now an alcoholic beverage made with our hashtag – #IslandFreedom and it is available for sale in two sizes. Local Bartender, Derrick McTair, has madeContinue reading “A new drink to match our hashtag”

St. Vincent & Jamaica’s dumpling love affair

You don’t dare making most soups in St. Vincent without dumplings inside them and in Jamaica, a typical breakfast would include dumplings. One sure thing both countries have in common on the culinary side is that insatiable love for dumplings. A contest for who loves them more, however, might be hard to decide. Here areContinue reading “St. Vincent & Jamaica’s dumpling love affair”