5 things Vincentians need to stop saying

If you ever visit St. Vincent and happen to hear any of the following five expressions being uttered, you’re bound to be confused. It is misplaced to tell people what and what not to say as it relates to their culture, but let’s be real, 2019 is already here and some things we can leaveContinue reading “5 things Vincentians need to stop saying”

Here’s our song called Island Freedom

Campden Park, St. Vincent – We are now officially launching our short promotional song called Island Freedom. The song was written by Mr. Demion McTair. Renowned singer Ms. Stacey Lyttle performed the role as lead singer, while Mr. Kory McTair and SORA the Khoir did the choir part of the song. The song is 1 minuteContinue reading “Here’s our song called Island Freedom”

A new drink to match our hashtag

All of our social media followers will notice that we use the #IslandFreedom hashtag with all of our postings. Well things have just gotten a little more interesting: there is now an alcoholic beverage made with our hashtag – #IslandFreedom and it is available for sale in two sizes. Local Bartender, Derrick McTair, has madeContinue reading “A new drink to match our hashtag”

5 fun things to do at Questelles Beach

Questelles beach was voted best beach on mainland St Vincent in the best of SVG People’s Choice Award 2017. People love the beach for its unspoilt environment, privacy and generally calm waters. Here are five (5) fun things you can do at Questelles Beach: 1. Snorkel: there is a beautiful piece of reef on theContinue reading “5 fun things to do at Questelles Beach”

5 things not to say in St. Vincent

When travelling to any country it is very important to know the do’s and dont’s. When it comes to speech, you have to know what is okay to say and what is not. Here are five things not to say, or talk about, when visiting St. Vincent: 1. Do not say anything disparaging about someone’sContinue reading “5 things not to say in St. Vincent”

There is no ‘Barbados & The Grenadines’

St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados are two different nations despite having serious historical bonds. These bonds go beyond Vincentians having to use Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport over the years as a main transit point for extra-regional travel. They also go beyond the fact that persons from both countries have successfully sought employmentContinue reading “There is no ‘Barbados & The Grenadines’”

St. Vincent’s hot springs (in pictures)

St. Vincent may not have zip lines and other daredevil adventures which are commonly known to travelers, but it does have a whole world of adventure for thrill-seekers. One of the best thrill-seeking adventures on St. Vincent is the trip to the Hot Springs near Trinity Falls on the northwestern end of St. Vincent. ThisContinue reading “St. Vincent’s hot springs (in pictures)”

VIDEO: St. Vincent’s black and white beach

Imagine two beaches in one, part white and part black. Located on the western side of St. Vincent is a black and white beach which has become a favourite for both locals and visitors from all over the world. Buccament Bay beach gives the best of both worlds. It not only combines the natural volcanicContinue reading “VIDEO: St. Vincent’s black and white beach”

18 Vincy proverbs and their meanings

Each culture has its own sayings and folk wisdom which are important parts of its everyday expressions. Here are 18 commonly used proverbs in St. Vincent and what they mean: 1. If crab nah walk, e nar geh fat: translated in standard English, this will read “if a crab does not walk, it won’t getContinue reading “18 Vincy proverbs and their meanings”

8 must-visit places in St. Vincent

Some of the most beautiful sailing waters in the world, idealic beaches and picturesque views set St. Vincent and the Grenadines apart from many other destinations. A splendid combination of sun, sand, sea and adventure makes St. Vincent and the Grenadines the Caribbean you are looking for. Here are 8 places you must visit ifContinue reading “8 must-visit places in St. Vincent”