Ganja-smoking zones in St. Vincent

St. Vincent’s ganja has been tested and proven to be one of the most potent in its natural state.

In late 2018, St. Vincent decriminalized Marijuana for medicinal purposes

What if you could travel to St. Vincent to experience the real ganja and do so without limits in specially declared zones / areas? Will you be up for it?

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Marijuana use and cultivation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are still illegal, but for medicinal purposes, have been decriminalized.

There are also currently no zones designated for recreational smoking or use of marijuana, but the Rastafarian community continues its use for religious purposes.

The ““Permitted Use of Cannabis for Religious Purposes Bill 2018”, was withdrawn after members of the Rastafarian community told the Government that a law could not give them permission to use marijuana, which they consider a sacrament” – Jamaica Observer reported in 2018.

Rastafarians across the country, use the herb for religious purposes, especially in the north of mainland St. Vincent and villages such as, Campden Park those in the suburbs of Kingstown.

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