9 new places to visit in St. Vincent 2019

A newly constructed suspension bridge over the sea at Frigate Bay, Union Island in a Mangrove Swamp area. Photo: Alphonso Dennie

These 9 incredible places have been around for a while but are just starting to gain attention.

Leave your footprints on them this year and experience a mixture of heritage, beauty, adventure and great photo opportunities.

Here is the SecretsOfSVG list of the nine (9) new places to visit for 2019:

1. Will-Be-Free Falls

Located at South Rivers, mainland St. Vincent, this newly trending falls is already a favourite for locals and several tourists to the island have taken the hike to experience this hidden gem. Ask your tour guide to take you there.

2. Frigate Bay, Union Island – The Grenadines

A newly constructed suspension bridge over the sea at Frigate Bay, Union Island in a Mangrove Swamp area. Photo: Alphonso Dennie
A newly constructed suspension bridge over the sea at Frigate Bay, Union Island in a Mangrove Swamp area. Photo: Alphonso Dennie

Located in a marine biodiversity powerhouse, this newly constructed bridge gives access to persons who wish to take a scenic walk over the sea and experience some of the most beautiful views in the southern Grenadines.

Additionally, it gives access to a key mangrove swamp where you can witness firsthand, the workings of marine biodiversity.

3. Thirteen (13) Stones, North Leeward – St. Vincent

These mysterious rock carvings, located at North Leeward, St. Vincent depict the faces of several animals, including Baboons. It is believed that their creators are persons from among the earliest settlers on St. Vincent, the Ciboney people. A visit here is definitely worth the experience.

Representatives from the Richmond Vale Nature and Hiking Center should be able to take you to 13 stones site.

4. Glossy Bay Marina, Canouan – The Grenadines

Opened in 2017, the $250 million, 120-berth marina is not only for the 24 super-yacht berths and other yacht accommodations. Visitors can enter via land and enjoy top quality restaurant and bar services as well as some shopping services.

5. The Geo-Thermal Project Drilling site

This is not a tourism site, at least, not a traditional one. This, however, is an opportunity to witness history. The nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is making big strides in Geothermal energy exploration and you can witness at least the start of the drilling phase.

The drilling site is located in North Windward, en route to Bamboo Range, where the windward trail starts for the La Soufriere Volcano.

6. The Bat Cave, Buccament, St. Vincent

Located at Buccament, St. Vincent, a journey through this newly trending cave is a must have experience. Just don’t scream and don’t go in at high tide. Luckily, you will choose to go with experienced tour guides like SeaSportsFanatics, so you will be fine.

Also, if you like diving and snorkeling, you will be in for a sweet treat. You will find out when you get there.

7. La Soufriere 1979 Crater

Tourists making their way up and out of the volcano crater. Photo: Richmond Vale Nature and Hiking Center, St. Vincent.

The La Soufriere Volcano is by no means new. For many locals and visitors, however, venturing more than 3,000 feet down into the crater is a challenge that has never been taken up by many.

If you dare to take up the challenge, you will be entering the arena of the brave, elite minority who have conquered their fears and look death right in its eyes: a true daredevil experience.

Inside the crater at La Soufriere Volcano

If you go, you will never look at fear the same way again. You will be braver in life. Tip: Go from the Leeward end.

8. Cayo Village, Argyle, St. Vincent

This village was constructed in conjunction with the construction of the Argyle International Airport which opened in 2017. It was a created in a move to keep the historical elements of the area in play, especially since many petroglyphs had to be removed to make way for the new Airport.

This is worth visiting to get a sense of history as to the way of life of the earliest setters on St. Vincent.

9. Spring Top, Bequia

Some incredible views of Bequia are found at Spring Top, not to mention the view of mainland, St. Vincent from Bequia. It has a picnic area and lovely photo opportunities. Once you get to Spring Top, you hardly want to leave.

There are many other places you can visit, but these are SecretsOfSVG‘s pick for 2019.

By: Demion McTair

Secrets of St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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