5 Major St. Vincent – Jamaican relationships

The existence of family ties between Caribbean Islands is nothing new. In fact, islanders have always been integrating. Of note, however, are some key, high-profile relationships between individuals from two countries which are 1123 miles apart – Jamaica in the north and St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the south. Here are five (5) keyContinue reading “5 Major St. Vincent – Jamaican relationships”

9 new places to visit in St. Vincent 2019

These 9 incredible places have been around for a while but are just starting to gain attention. Leave your footprints on them this year and experience a mixture of heritage, beauty, adventure and great photo opportunities. Here is the SecretsOfSVG list of the nine (9) new places to visit for 2019: 1. Will-Be-Free Falls LocatedContinue reading “9 new places to visit in St. Vincent 2019”

The biggest Soca song of the 21st century so far

The late Mighty Arrow of Montserrat was the singer of the biggest soca song of the 20th century. Arrow’s “Feeling Hot Hot Hot“, produced in the 1980’s was chosen as the official anthem of the 1986 World Cup, held in Mexico, according the The Guardian Newspaper. “Hot Hot Hot” is estimated to have sold “moreContinue reading “The biggest Soca song of the 21st century so far”