5 places in need of tourism development in St. Vincent

A lot is known about the Tobago Cays Marine Park, the La Soufriere volcano, Dark View Falls, the Botanical Gardens and other heavily marketed sites throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are, however, some less-known, undeveloped sites which hold great potential to be satisfying tourist spots.

Here are five of them.

1. Will-be-Free Falls, South Rivers, St. Vincent: this spot has been trending lately as more persons are discovering it. Requiring a hike to get there, the trail can be developed and kept with proper signage put in place.

Hikers making their way to Will-be-Free falls. Photo: Cariway Caribbean

The mysterious Will-Be-Free falls, St. Vincent.

2. Cornel Deephole & Table Rock, Vermont – St. Vincent: This diving spot in the Buccament River is being frequented by many locals as they are discovering the satisfaction of the experience of river-diving. The site, however, can use some development. Perhaps two small Gazebos, bathroom facilities and places to grill chicken might do the trick.

The same goes for its neighbor a few yards away, Table Rock. It could be a great picnic spot, once Land issues pertaining to its access can be sorted out and facilities can be put in.

The deep hole is far deeper than it looks.

3 The Bat Cave, Buccament – St. Vincent: The Bat Cave is quite an experience and should be enjoyed by more persons.

Tour Guides and guests preparing to Kayak to the Bat Cave.

There are only three rules for the place: 1. Go with people knowledgeable about the cave. Secrets of SVG recommends Sea Sports Fanatics SVG for Kayak Tours, having toured with them before. Rule number 2. Do not scream and rule number 3. Follow the advice of your tour guides if they tell you there is a high tide and they are not going in.

4. Questelles Beach Jump off: Little is known of ‘Little Bay’, a section of Questelles beach, St. Vincent which has an amazing area for flipping and jumping.

Much deeper than it looks, this area is a favorite for young locals in the area to jump off and swim

The area will be ideal for a Rick’s Cafe beach bar type development with the Jump-off as the main feature.

5. Brighton Bay Mangrove Swamp: With the right type of investment/development, Brighton Bay Mangrove swamp can be an area for peaceful Canoeing, Rafting, and nature-walks and a natural mangrove park to teach and practice marine conservation.

Brighton Bay, Mangrove Swamp. Photo: Syprian Slater

There are many other areas and some of them will be highlighted in a subsequent article.

By: Demion McTair

SecretsofSVG – Editor

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