Can your Airbnb or Apartment make our 2019 accommodation list?

Travelers need suitable accommodation that is safe, beautiful and affordable.

Do you have a Guest House, Apartment or a space that you offer on Airbnb?

If you do, we are in the process of creating our 2019 small-scale accommodation list and your place can make the list if you meet certain criteria.

The criteria will be based on a 3 star rating scale for small-scale accommodation and to some extent, local tourism regulations which may apply to such accommodation.

Email us “My Space” if you have an interest in your Guest House, Apartment or AirBnB being on the list.

Our email is

We will send you the criteria, based on the scale and other relevant details.

By: Demion McTair

Editor – Secrets of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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