4:00 am ‘street parties’ in St. Vincent

When it comes to entertainment, people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines know how to do it, especially at Christmas time. More is probably known about J’Ouvert early morning street parties with loud pulsating music, alcohol, paint, mud, and oil, but this article focuses on something unique to St. Vincent & the Grenadines – NineContinue reading “4:00 am ‘street parties’ in St. Vincent”

Can your Airbnb or Apartment make our 2019 accommodation list?

Travelers need suitable accommodation that is safe, beautiful and affordable. Do you have a Guest House, Apartment or a space that you offer on Airbnb? If you do, we are in the process of creating our 2019 small-scale accommodation list and your place can make the list if you meet certain criteria. The criteria willContinue reading “Can your Airbnb or Apartment make our 2019 accommodation list?”

Top 5 online news sources in SVG

Whenever you are visiting a country (whether on business or leisure), it is good to know of some of the happenings in that country while there. In the age of online ‘Fake News’, it is now, more than ever, very important to get your information from the most credible and most reliable sources. Here are sevenContinue reading “Top 5 online news sources in SVG”

5 things Vincentians need to stop saying

If you ever visit St. Vincent and happen to hear any of the following five expressions being uttered, you’re bound to be confused. It is misplaced to tell people what and what not to say as it relates to their culture, but let’s be real, 2019 is already here and some things we can leaveContinue reading “5 things Vincentians need to stop saying”