A new drink to match our hashtag

All of our social media followers will notice that we use the #IslandFreedom hashtag with all of our postings.

Well things have just gotten a little more interesting: there is now an alcoholic beverage made with our hashtag – #IslandFreedom and it is available for sale in two sizes.

Local Bartender, Derrick McTair, has made a tropical drink with natural fruit extract, local rum and spices and has themed it “Island Freedom.

Derrick 1
Derrick, doing his thing at Grand View Grill and Bar, Villa, St. Vincent.

The drink comes in seven colours, including a transparent specially made tequila. It comes in the 750ml and 155ml sizes, at XCD $20 and $6 respectively.

Derrick, who worked in the bartending business for nearly three decades runs a local bartending training program in St. Vincent.

He once worked with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, offering the service and upon retirement from the seas lends his services to private events, local wine makers and well-established entities such as Grand View Grill.

Derrick has made a hit drink which received the endorsement of Sparrow’s Rum.


Derrick has impressed bargoers who have visited St. Vincent from throughout the Caribbean region and the world with his eclectic and colourful mixes and his Midas touch with the mixing flavors.

The latest drink, Island Freedom, can be ordered by calling +1784 529-6503.

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