5 fun things to do at Questelles Beach

Questelles beach was voted best beach on mainland St Vincent in the best of SVG People’s Choice Award 2017.

People love the beach for its unspoilt environment, privacy and generally calm waters.

Here are five (5) fun things you can do at Questelles Beach:

1. Snorkel: there is a beautiful piece of reef on the southern end of the beach, overshadowed by a humongous peninsula. Yachts sometimes park at the area to allow their guests to dive and enjoy the beautiful reef.

A view of the large peninsula (in the distance) which overshadows the reef.

2. Hiking and Treasure Hunting: Hiking on a beach? Hell yes! There are three beaches in one at Questelles Bay Beach area. You have to pass through a forest to get to the most secluded one, and climb rocks to get to the one at the center.

There are also many crevices, pathways, small hills and a forest to allow you to do some serious treasure hunting with good company. You will need someone with local knowledge of the area if you are planning a treasure hunt, so as to avoid trespassing on nearby, unfenced private property.

Rock climbing, hiking and treasure hunting are ideal activities for Questelles beach.

3. Jump off: Many Tourists have probably heard of the Rick’s Cafe Jump-off in Jamaica, but St. Vincent has many unspoilt and unmarketed ones on the leeward side of mainland St. Vincent.

One amazing jump is at little bay, Questelles Bay Beach. The approximately 30 foot jump into a safe area of the sea is very enticing. You’ll want to do it again and again.

You’ll need someone with good knowledge of the area to help you find the jump off point and guide the jumping in the correct area.

4. Take in some history: there is a 100 year old fresh-water well on the beach you can visit and learn more about. You can also visit the Xpressions Beach Bar and learn about the history of the area.

The 100+ year old fresh water well


5. Rent a beach supplies: you can rent a kayak, a tube or other beach supplies from a privately run bar situated on the beach.

The general price range is XCD $5 per hour (1 USD = 2.70 XCD).


You can also get involved in current conservation efforts being spareheaded at the beach by the Beach Boys, a group of locals in the community.


You may also be lucky to get free tamarinds and mangoes, once they are in season, as well as free almonds to crack open yourself and enjoy.

By: Demion Mctair


Secrets of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


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