St. Vincent’s hot springs (in pictures)

St. Vincent may not have zip lines and other daredevil adventures which are commonly known to travelers, but it does have a whole world of adventure for thrill-seekers.

One of the best thrill-seeking adventures on St. Vincent is the trip to the Hot Springs near Trinity Falls on the northwestern end of St. Vincent.

This is a thrill-seeking adventure because you are required to walk through a rainforest, cross precarious waterways and traverse under the majesty of high cliffs and winding crevices.

Here is a photo journey of the adventure (all photos are from Lyndon Oliver):

hike 1
Firstly you come off the beaten path (where vehicles can no longer traverse)
hike 2.jpg
Then you start a hike
pic 1
Then things get a little rough
pic 2
Then comes the hike upstream (literally)
pic 3
To cliffs, cascading water and deep crevices
pic 4
To walking between rocks, on top of rocks and in the river
pic 6
To crossing more rivers and dodging more stones.
pic 7
To more adventure galore
pic 8.jpg
…To calm relaxation
pic 9
To the hot, steaming adventure which is so tantalizing, you don’t want to leave . The mist seen is as a result of the heat.
picv 10.jpg
There is the tumbling beauty.

The beginning of the trail can be accessed through the Richmond Vale Academy in North Leeward.

All of the photos were posted by Lyndon Oliver’s facebook page . Videos of the journey will also be found there.

Visitors are advised to take an SVG Tourism Authority (SVGTA) approved Tour Operator / Guide if interested in taking the Thrill-seeking hike.

Are you ready?

By: Demion McTair


Secrets of St. Vincent & the Grenadines 

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