3 Vincy reggae artistes and their biggest songs

Though known for soca and calypso, St. Vincent and the Grenadines have some trending reggae artistes.

Some of them have performed in regional and extra regional concerts and their music, through technology, is reaching audiences worldwide.

Here are three trending reggae artistes from St. Vincent and the Grenadines you should know:

1. Yaphatoo: He has been a round for quite sometime and his biggest hits also make up some of the biggest reggae hits emerging from St. Vincent. These include; “Wisdom”, “Concrete Jungle” and “Jah will be waiting there”.

Yaphatoo (Left) with Abuza (Right) in studio

Wisdom” is regarded as one of the best reggae songs of its kind, but “Concrete Jungle” has been one of the most notable reggae songs to emerge from the shores of St. Vincent.

Yaphatoo’s most recent performance was at the 2018 Chronixx Zinc Fence Redemption concert at the Victoria Park in St. Vincent, where he was well received by the crowd.

2. Abu Zanimah Cyrus: Abuza, like his counterpart Yaphatoo, has performed on the same stage as hits like Romain Virgo, chronixx and others. Three of Abuza’s biggest songs are; “Jus have patience”, “In Town” and “Never give up on real love”.


3.  Qshan Deya: If you are not careful, you’d mistake him for Luciano, because Qshan Deya has a similar voice like the Reggae grandmaster. Some of Deya’s biggest songs are; “Gate of Mt. Zion” ft. Vaughn ”Akae Beka” Benjamin, “Guilty” ft. Lady G and “Mama”.


Qshan Deya
Qshan Deya

Other notable mentions are; Dynamite with “Believe” and “Giddeon” as well as Ziah Ayubu, Afari Haywood, and Patrick Junior.

Feature Photo by: E-Mages Photography

Demion McTair


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