4 things you didn’t know you could study in St. Vincent

Students from all around the world are making their mark and advancing their careers in the southern Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in both contemporary and unique areas of study.

Here are, however, four (4) areas of study you probably didn’t know you can take up in St. Vincent:

1. Climate Change and Climate Compliance: Students from Denmark, Japan, the USA, Canada, Columbia and African countries, among others, enroll at the Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) in St. Vincent to pursue 6 months and one year courses in Climate Change and Climate Compliance.

In 2011, Richmond Vale Academy joined One World University on a distance learning regime. Among the modules covered in the courses are; permaculture, organic farming, bio-gas production, renewable energy and climate change mitigation. You can even book a room at the eco-lodge part of the establishment if you want to witness these things in action, as a guest. See more at http://richmondvale.org/.

Students and volunteers at RVA share knowledge on Climate change to pupils at a local school

2. Medicine: There are four (4) International Medical Colleges in St. Vincent, which accommodate students from around the world, with leading enrollment numbers from the USA. These are; Trinity University School of Medicine, St. James University, American University of St. Vincent and All Saints University College of Medicine.

Students in class at the American University of St. Vincent 

3. Horses: what can you possibly study about horses, save and except riding them? Turns out there’s a lot more and there’s a school in St. Vincent where you can learn all about horses. Headed by Stina Herberg, Principal of the Richmond Vale Academy, the Yurumein Horse School offers Lessons in ‘Liberty Training’ and ‘Starting a Horse under Saddle’, Dancing with Horses, Natural Horse Management and Sustainable Horse Keeping Lessons and Horse Hikes.


Principal of RVA in a beach-side session with a Horse


4. Scuba Diving: you can learn scuba diving in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at several places, but the Richmond Vale Hiking and Diving Center is one of them. They teach Scuba Diving in the PADI instructor system. You can also pick up diving gears at their PADI certified store.


Participants of RVA’s PADI diving school about to discover the underwater wonders of a black sand beach

There is an Open Campus of the University of the West Indies which offers many programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a community college which now has a link with Humber College in Canada

By: Demion McTair



Secrets of St. Vincent & the Grenadines 





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