3 romantic places in St. Vincent for nature lovers

Whenever romance and nature meet, the combination is powerful.

It is no wonder a special kiss shared in a well-kept garden, or a day spent hiking together or near natural water flows, are often the best remedies to spice up romance with your partner.

Here are three (3) of several outdoor places in St. Vincent which are perfect for nature-lovers who want to enjoy the outdoors together.

First on this list in the Botanical Gardens, St. Vincent: as soon as you enter the gardens, you know it. You feel it. There’s that natural atmosphere, conducive to sharing a moment together with nature. Though the area is public, there is enough privacy to have a deep, romantic conversation with each other and enjoy nature.


2. Vermont Nature Trails: If you’re looking for a hike that’s not too far, but far enough to spend time together in a nature-type environment, then a hike Vermont Nature Trails will do. Relax with the mild sound of a river, or even take a bath in it together with your travel counterparts. You might also be lucky to spot the Amazona Guildingii, an extremely rare Parrot, endemic to St. Vincent andthe Grenadines.


Entrepreneur at Dessii Cakery taking a photo moment at the riverside at Vermont Nature Trails
Prince Harry – while on a visit to the trails to unveil a canopy. Photo: Prince Harry

Montreal Gardens: thought to be one of the best kept secrets of St. Vincent, Montreal Gardens, is literally a paradise. The place is extremely private, mystical, beautiful and takes nature romance to a whole new level. Whether you travel alone as a nature freak, or you have a special someone to enjoy nature with, you are likely to be head over heals with this place.


Entrance to Montreal Gardens, St. Vincent

Several beaches, exclusive resorts and less-known spots are also great, but these three places serve the purpose well.


Secrets of St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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