Here’s a secret worth exploring!

You pull up with some friends or a tour guide, you change your clothes for some swimming and the action happens.

It’s not a beach and no, it’s not a lake. It’s a relatively deep hole in a river, providing options for fresh water swimming and or therapeutic relaxation, made possible by the relentless flow of peaceful vibrations of water.

No one knows
Syprian Slater, of Vermont, makes a jump off into the natural pool.

The location, however, is unspoiled: no infrastructural interventions, no artificial enhancements. Only a dirt track off the beaten path into an experience of freedom.

You can jump in, or you can walk in, whichever you choose. Here’s a YouTube link to view the natural pool .

“Cornel”, as it is referred to by the locals of the Vermont Village in St. Vincent is within close proximity to the Vermont Nature Trails and “Table Rock” – another natural pool.

Visitors to the Vermont Nature Trails can stop at the location, on their way back, after their hike, but an SVG Tourism Authority Certified tour guide is highly recommended to guide the tour, for non-locals.

A local may also be needed, because though relatively close to the main village road, finding the pool can be like a small treasure hunt.

The experience is certainly worth it.

By: Demion McTair 

Secrets of SVG Editor 



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