7 beauty products to try in St. Vincent

It is more rewarding to give your body the best all natural care it can get. One way to do so, is by using organic, all-natural products.

There are two main local producers of all natural products in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Today, we feature Jazzy All Natural Vincy Products.

Jazzy, has a wide array of exotic Soaps, Creams and Spa products, which can help you to reap the benefits of choosing to be at one with nature.

Here are seven (7) ‘must buy’ organic, all natural products from Jazzy’s All natural products:

1. Jazzy All Natural Bath & Body Butter: Your skin will thank you for this, according to Jasmine Deane, proprietor of Jazzy organics. There are different varieties of it, but the Bath & Body Butter will help to naturally moisture your skin, help in toning your skin, reverse ageing and leaving you smelling so good, you’d want to kiss yourself.

body butter
Jazzy All Natural Vincy Products

2. Jazzy All Natural Soaps: Jazzy’s Soaps come in many forms, for many different reasons. Some of Jazzy’s featured soaps are; the Turmeric soap and the Goat Milk, which according to Jazzy, help lighten dark areas of skin, the Sulphur soaps for lotta and fungus, the Pumpkin soap for moisture and the Rain Tree soap, for Acne.

Jazzy Soaps
A few of Jazzy All Natural Soaps

3. Jazzy All Natural Hemp Hair Balm: Want to enrich your hair with nutrients and make it stronger and flourishing, using only an all natural product? According to Jazzy, fans and customers have reacted positively to the new Hemp Hair Balm.

Jazzy Hemp Hair
Jazzy All Natural Hemp Hair Balm

4. Jazzy All Natural Deodorant: Will you like to try a deodorant made with no chemicals and one which gives twenty four (24) hour protection? Then Try any of Jazzy’s deodorants.

Jazzy Deoderant
Jazzy All Natural Deodorant

5. Jazzy All Natural Bug Off: Whenever you visit the tropics, always be prepared for Mosquitoes. Some persons are very meticulous as to the types of insect repellents they use on their skin, as some can be harmful to sensitive skin. If you are looking for a no chemical, all natural remedy, Jazzy has got you covered.

Jazzy Bug Off
Jazzy All Natural Bug Off Lotion Bar

6. Jazzy All Natural Lip Balm: Yes, your lips can get very dried out too, here in the tropics. If moisture is what you’re looking for, then you can walk with your own Lip Balm. If, however, you are looking for a chemical free, all natural lip balm, then Jazzy has something for you, which comes in many different flavours.

Jazzy Lip Balm
Jazzy All Natural Lip Balm

7. Jazzy All Natural Cayenne Pepper Rub: You may hike, you may fall. You may have pre existing pains, which can be externally relaxed, temporarily or otherwise. If you are looking for an effective, temporary, external pain rub, then Jazzy has an organic one you can try.

Jazzy Cayenne pepper
Jazzy All Natural Cayenne Pepper

Jazzy All Natural Vincy Products maintains that their products are all natural only. Jazzy has a wide clientele, including customers in the United States, Europe and Canada, to whom she ships products, on orders.

Jazzy’s products have been featured in the Caribbean region at numerous expos and have received high, credible ratings. Check out Jazzy All Natural Vincy Products facebook page, for more information.

Article by: Secrets of St. Vincent & the Grenadines Editor – Demion McTair


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